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  Best BK Electronics, dreaming of becoming a leading global Wiring Harness and 

  EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) group, will continue to move toward the future 

  as a global electronic company with customers based on bold investment and technology 

  in order to think about the future environment and realize the precious dreams of customers.

  We always put our customers first, and we will always strive to create a

  future where everyone is happy and a sustainable world through 

  transparent management and continuous innovation.

Global EMS / Wiring Harness business

In recent years, the electronics market has become more and more competitive. Therefore, many leading manufacturers/developers focus on developing, designing and marketing systematic management resources to overcome the fierce market trend, and most of the production is entrusted to EMS companies with production competitiveness and quality.

BBK offers more than just global manufacturing. If you already have a project being manufactured elsewhere and are looking for a new supplier or want to expand production, BBK can help.

From design (Artwork) to product testing and delivery, the entire process to the destination of the customer with world-class quality and competitive prices.

As a complete electronics development organization, BBK provides customers with complete turnkey manufacturing solutions, from high-quality prototyping, pre-production to high-volume production, after-sales repair services, supply chain management, procurement and sourcing services, and global manufacturing. service. We can provide our customers with cost-effective and complex manufacturing solutions ranging from small to large.

We stronlgy hope to receive "benefit of Vietnam" that rising star in the world.

Features and strengths of BBK

  • We have production bases in South Korea and Vietnam, and we can manufacture products suitable for each.
  • possess advanced mounting technology
  • Parts procurement available through worldwide parts procurement bases (IPOs) including Asia
  • It is possible to respond to all demands from small batch production to module products and mass production.
  • Through self-developed ERP system, thorough traceability management of produced products is possible
  • "One-Stop" service available from PCB design to product testing and delivery

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Our Business Partners

We promise an active partnership for corporate development and growth.


D3 road, Lot D, Hoa Mac Industrial Zone, Chau Giang ward, Duy Tien town, Ha Nam province, Vietnam.

TEL : +84 2263 552 565

Email : bbk@bkec.co.kr (English / Korean / Vietnamese)