Harness Assembly


A wire harness, also known as a cable harness or wiring assembly, is a wire, cable, or related cable designed to transmit signals or power.

A typical wire harness provided by BBK contains dozens of wires and sometimes hundreds of different components and terminations. Our engineering staff are well versed in the design and construction of wire harnesses and can help develop the most efficient harness to meet your requirements.

BBK has ;

  • Seasoned Skilled Members
  • Provide Cable Connection Solution
  • Unmatched quality standards


Custom Wire Harness & Molded-cable Manufacturing for customer's Specific Applications 

BBK has plastic injection molding machines in factory, so it can satisfy various customer needs with higher quality.

BBK specialize in custom harnesses for the widest variety of cable and connector types across industries. We offer our customers unique molded cable assemblies according to the specified shape, size, pin configuration and cable material suitable for Ethernet, automation, marine, transportation applications and more.