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We add health to your dreams

BBK produces instruments and equipment for treatment, monitoring and diagnosis.

With the technology of our headquarters in Korea with more than 30 years of EMS experience, and 2 shift / one day & 6 days working a week in Vietnam, we always delivery on time with high quality products.

BBK has not only high self-PCB design capability, but also production capability, so it has excellent ability to improve quality in the field of medical devices dealing with human life.

  ▶ We are producing

  • IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics)
  • Blood Sugar Meter
  • Laser Skin Care Device (Beauty)

Blood Sugar Meter

  • One of the blood glucose meters with the world's highest quality diagnostic biosensors today. We are exporting biosensors for blood sugar, HbA1c, and cholesterol diagnosis to over 110 countries around the world.

Leaser Skin Care Device (Medical / Aesthetic)

  • Main system board of Aesthetic / Medical Equipment
  • For customized treatment, it helps in various conditions and procedures such as spots, tattoo removal, soft tissue incision, blood vessels, hair removal, wrinkle improvement, rejuvenation, body/face contour, etc.

IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics)

* Model : RADIA-G (Rapid test kit reader)

  • Automatic analyzer for Immunochromatographic lateral flow assay(Rapid test kit)
  • Developed by BK Electonics, RADIA-G provides a complete analysis system that can accurately determine the results of rapid test kits for a fast and accurate disease diagnosis