Traceability Management through Barcode system of ERP

    Barcode Tracking

     : A reliable way to integrate technology and inventory tracking

      All BBK materials and products use Barcode technology based on 

      ERP system for high traceability management that requires accurate

      inventory tracking and management. 

         From the moment the material is received, 

      the entire process of "Production-Test-Shipment" is managed 

      by barcode system.

         Therefore, it is possible to grasp which materials/parts were used 

      in which process and by whom.

      When the customer wants, all data about the production is provided to 

      the customer.


Quality Assurance

  With the goal of producing the highest quality products as the top priority, 

a QC team is arranged for each in/out of each process to prevent any possible quality issues in advance.

  After each process movement, 

the "Barcode" is scanned to manage traceability such as process omissions.

PCB Layout & Design

   All BBK customers will have prompt PCB Layout & Design service with 

competitiveness cost. 


   BBK has been providing PCB Layout & Design service for many cutting edge companies. 

   Customer can get more advantage if PCB Layout & Design company produce customer's products.

   All BBK customers will have prompt PCB Layout & Design service with competitiveness cost.

We are building a better quality of products for satisfy of customers

  • Long experienced team
  • Fast customer response
  • Strong engineering Support over 30 years of Experience
  • Hidden quality improvement through PCB design


  • Signal Integrity / Design Verification
  • Database Construction and Verification

▶ Design History

  • Solar Inverter (UL, CE)
  • PCBA of safety system in Nuclear Power Station (KEPIC)
  • Integrated monitoring and control system 

        for thermal Power Plant

  • Medical Equipment-In Vitro Diagnostic Equipment (EMI)
  • Industrial robot control board