Prototype PCBA Assurance

 AOI (2D & 3D)

To quickly and accurately inspect the PCBA after assembly, BBK uses fully automated Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment. 

The AOI inspection identifies possible PCBA errors (e.g. missing, incorrect, incorrect polarity, solder shorts, etc.) 

and immediately informs the administrator of the error. 

The AOI is usually checked on the first PCBA, so if there is an error, you can spot the problem just before an additional PCBA is created.


By using X-Ray equipment, 

BBK can check soldering conditions that are not visible to the naked eye in tests (e.g. BGA, LGA, etc.), i.e. voids in solder joints, solder shorts, and other soldering conditions. X-ray equipment can detect errors that cannot be seen by visual inspection by projecting "real-time images" directly onto the screen for operator viewing and inspection.

Therefore, BBK is providing customers with high-reliability products through X-ray inspection.

PCB Design Analysis

BBK provides upgraded PCB Design in cooperation with BK Electronics (Headquarters), which has more than 30 years of experience in the same industry. PCB design is the process of expressing a customer's idea in a "manufacturing" language that incorporates BBK's technology. Therefore, BBK provides a one-stop electronic manufacturing service starting with the PCB layout.